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    About Us

    Quran Academy to Learn Quran Online

    Grab the opportunity to Learn Quran with tajweed from one of the Best online Quran classes with tajweed for kids and adults of any age at Live Quran Lessons from experienced tutors. We are providing online Quran classes for kids, adults, male and female across the globe so to fill your lives with the brightness of Quran. Our mission is to provide you economical and joyful classes for Quran learning online. Quran brings happiness for Muslims, as in Quran para no. 13 verse no.28 surah Ar-Ra’d Allah S.W.T. says “no doubt, in the remembrance of Allah hearts find comfort”. That is the reason we have devoted ourselves to make attractive and striking strategies for online Quran classes for student of any age to read and recite Quran with tajweed accurately. At the comfort of your home our dedicated teachers will provide you and your kid charming and luminous lessons of Quran to bring you into the divine love of Quran. To fit into the busiest schedules, we are offering you a wide variety of lessons which you can choose for you or your kid at your own time. You just have to sign in for free trial classes. After you’ve selected the lectures and subjects you opt for and then you may register for Quran classes online. We’ll offer you 3 free trial classes to take the decision easily. We have variety of teachers available for you. Just go through the trial lessons and if you feel that you are not comfortable with your current teacher, let us know and we’ll provide you another teacher because every teacher has its own teaching methodology.

    Online Live Quran Lessons are much better than traditional classes

    Present day technology has given us a new manner of teaching Quranic verses and classes to Muslim students round the arena. Using the maximum superior era of the twenty first century, Live Quran Lessons brings the teachings of the holy Quran to the comfort and protection of your home. You and your kids can discover ways to pronounce the Quran successfully via face-to-face with live classes in collaboration with knowledgeable and admired teachers. The certified and tremendously skilled masters of tajweed will guide you in learning the Quran with right pronunciation and emphasis. Currently, our online Quran academy teachers are helping many students of different countries like USA, UK, Norway and many more. Live Quran Lessons is offering you teachers who are fluent in English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Pashto to assist students.

    We teach Quran, Quran with tajweed, Arabic, Qirat, and memorization to kids of every age. Online Quran classes for kids with an actual consciousness on tajweed are one of the unique matters we do. We able the kids to read and recite Quran perfectly and fluently. First and foremost, blessing of learning Quran online is that you get interact with teachers from different regions, which results in broader range of perspectives, instead of being limited to a small puddle of instructors of your place. Secondly time management and comfort of one’s home cannot be taken for granted. As we know that dropping a kid to madrassah daily is such a great hustle for parents. In this regard online Quran is a blessing for both parents and kids as well. All you have to do is to open your laptop/desktop and to concentrate on the class. One-to-One Classes are more beneficial than group study lessons. In one-to-one classes teacher only focuses on one pupil at a time. In this way your child can gain confidence in learning and reading Quran and also the teacher can give its 100%.

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