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Learn Noorani Qaida online for kids from online Quran institute Live Quran Lessons with qualified Quran tutors online. Before starting the Quran, we use Noorani Qaida, it tells you or your kid the basics of the Quran with tajweed in a very simple and manageable way. Qaida, whether it is Noorani or Usmani depending upon you to choose, is a basic booklet which is used almost all over the world as a core foundation, it not only familiarizes you with basic Arabic letters but also enables you to read the Quran yourself.

Online Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is an essential course that is taught by our creative tutors in a lucrative way. It is learning the alphabets of the Arabic language before starting the Quran. Our detailed online Noorani Qaida course for kids and adults is taught by our highly skilled and experienced online Noorani Qaida tutors. It is the basic step for beginners to analyze Quran that builds a solid foundation. You can’t recite the holy Quran fluently without mastering this preliminary course. It begins from basic Arabic alphabets then moves onto the making of words and in the last lessons, it emphasizes verse-making.

Holy Quran is revealed in the Arabic Language. Every language has its own set of alphabets, symbols, rules, and regulations. Similar is the case with the Arabic Language. To learn the Quran, it is of utmost importance to be familiar with Arabic letters.

Noorani Qaida online course outline

We teach this course with special techniques which attract every individual not only kids. Our brilliant teachers are experts in this course and use paints and shapes to teach each letter of Arabic to make it appealing and to memorize easily. 

Course outline 

  • Pronunciation of Arabic letters with Maharaj (Articulation).
  • Learning of alphabets shapes.
  • Joint letters.
  • Harakat (short vowels).
  • Vertical harakat (Standing movements).
  • Maddah letters (long vowels).
  • Leen letters.
  • Sakin letters (letters that contain Sukoon).
  • Tashdeed.
  • Tanween.
  • noon sakin & meem sakin rules.
  • Rules of waqf (proper station and stopping at the end or middle of the verse).
  • Noorani Qaida exercise with the rules & regulations of tajweed.

What will you learn after completing this course?

You will learn the Arabic letters with proper pronunciation (Maharaj).

  • Sound of the alphabets.
  • You’ll get to know the making of small words in Arabic.
  • You will learn the simple rules of tajweed.
  • You will discover ways to read Quran with the right pronunciation.
  • Appropriate pausing and stopping in the verse.
  • You will know the basics of Islam

After completing this course, we assure you that you will become self-sufficient to read the words and verses of the Quran with tajweed  

We are also teaching from Iqra Qaida, abridged Qaida and Ehsan ul qawaid. Iqra Qaida is taught in some areas of the USA. In Iqra Qaida, we do not split letters but pronounce a whole word like ab, ib, ub. 

 Abridged Qaida and Ehsaan-ul-qawaid are like Noorani Qaida and are being used in many madrasas of the UK. In abridged Qaida, there is a complete breakdown in learning objectives. The plus point of Abridged Qaida is each and every example is extracted from the Quran. 

 In Ehsaan-ul-qawaid different colors are used for harakat, maddah, guunah, ikhfa, etc. which the recitation easy for the recital. Kalimas, important tasbehat, salah, and procedure of waddu making along with pictures are described in this booklet. In this Qaida along with English translation, transliteration is also given which is the plus point and it’s very helpful for those who do not have any idea of recitation.


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