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Welcome to our Online Quran Teaching School, a place where you can learn the Quran online with ease and comfort. We offer online classes of the Quran, providing an interactive learning experience to help students better understand the teachings of the Quran. Our platform is designed for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn the Quran online from our expert Quran teachers. As an established online Quran academy, we emphasize Quran teaching with dedication and compassion.

Islamic Studies For Kids

Recitation Al-Quran

Praying Daily Salat

Importance of Sadaqah

Importance of Duah

Relationship with Relatives

Ibadah in Holy Ramdan

Allah is One & Unique

History of Masjid-ul-Aqsa

Entertainment In Islam

Gifts Make Relation Strong

Why Choose Live Quran Lessons?

Free Trial Classes

Take free demo classes at our online Quran school. You can learn Quran with Tajweed from top-rated tutors from home, making your Quran learning journey easy and complete.

One-to-One Quran Classes

Our online Quran school provides one to one Quran lessons, directly with the teacher. These custom courses help improve your Quran reading and chanting skills.

24/7 Flexible Time Schedule

Our online Quran school offers round-the-clock scheduling services for Quran classes, Tajweed courses, and Quran reading sessions. This makes Quran learning convenient and reachable for students everywhere.

Female Quran Tutors

Take special online Quran classes with our dedicated female Quran instructors. They create a comfortable and empowering learning space for female students.

No Language Barrier

Learn Quran online without any language problem. Our skilled tutors are proficient in English and teach Tajweed courses in a very easy way.

Record and Playback

Improve your Quran learning with our online Quran school’s record and replay feature. Look over your Quran classes again, ensuring you fully understand and learn effectively at your own speed.

How it Works?


Teacher calls student at the scheduled time. The student accepts the call to start the class.


The teacher opens digital Quran Majeed on computer and shares screen with the student.


Our team of supervisors supervise the class to ensure quality. Parents can also supervise the classes live.


The classes can be recorded as well for later playback.

How to Start.

Try free sample lessons at our online Quran school. You can learn Quran and Tajweed with top-rated tutors from home, making your Quran learning journey easy and complete.

Schedule time for class

Once you’ve registered successfully, we’ll get in touch to arrange your class at a time that works best for you.

Take your first class

We’ll provide you with all the details for the class, and all you need to do is log in when it’s time for your scheduled lesson

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